I’ve started this blog to enable more debate, fuller questions and better answers. Twitter is great; but many arguments need more detail than 140 characters allow.

So I’m now going to blog my thoughts on the political issues of the day – the main current one obviously being the referendum. These are just thoughts and ideas though. I’m not saying I’m right and I actively want people to contribute and prove me wrong (or right).

I’m open to all views and ideas; but I do have a few bugbears, which – if you follow me on twitter – you may have noticed by now. So please contribute and comment; but remember:

  1. Be polite. We all have a vote and we all have an opinion. These can be expressed without recourse to name-calling. Remain supporters being called “unpatriotic traitors” and Leave supporters being called “deluded idiots” is unpleasant and unnecessary; and it certainly won’t help you change anyone’s mind.
  2. Keep to the point. Ignoring what someone has said and instead bringing up something entirely new into a debate is always obvious and is usually a sure sign the original argument wasn’t strong.
  3. Give Evidence. If you state something as a fact, it needs to be backed up with evidence. Things don’t become true just because you repeat them and want them to be.

Personally, I will (and do) change my mind when presented with a good argument and good evidence. Admitting you were wrong about something is never a weakness.